Est. 2017

That could describe our History. In order to have a History one must first have a future. Our Future is that starting line. We have no baggage, no past, no anything. Family Life Community Church is a Vision that was put on Pastor's Jeff Heart when he relocated with his Wife Donna and their three children to Gordon County in 2005. He and his family have made this County their home. Over the past 12 years he and his wife Donna were being prepared for this new journey by God. Jeff spoke to Jamie about this vision numerous times over the past year. Jamie has prayed about the Vision and committed to lead Worship and help create Family Life Community Church.

Maybe in your current journey you are in a place where you are looking to be part of a new History, at the very beginning. There is no telling where God will take this New Church. All we have is a vision to reach those in the community that are not in Church or maybe they gave up on Church. Those who don't have a relationship with Jesus or those who need to bring Jesus back into their life. God does not give up on any of us, and all are welcome. We are a Hospital for the Sinners, and not a Country Club for the Saved.

We are not comparing ourselves to any other Church and only use this analogy to make you think. Who would have loved to been around when Microsoft or Apple started? How about IBM or Google and the list goes on and on. How exciting! You have a chance to come and make our Future which one day will be our History.


We need people who are willing to sacrifice their time to help others build a relationship with God. And if you are that person looking for a Church come let us be part of your Future.