At Family Life Community Church, we believe every one of every age is important. All of our Ministries goals are to strengthen and develop relationships with others and with Jesus. We believe we have something that will fit everyone's need's. We are excited to see what God will be doing through these Ministries.


We feel that the Children's Ministry is one of the most important Ministries we have. The Children's Ministry is the base or foundation of the Church and a Strong foundation will lead to a solid structure. Family Life is a place where our Children of our community build their Christian foundation. We want to help you strengthen their relationship with their family and with Jesus. We want them to have fun, and want to come to Church, where they will get 100% Biblical support and teaching. It will be a nurturing environment where your children will be safe and you will feel comfortable as you worship. All our volunteers go through a background check process to ensure our environment is safe.

20 Something's

At Family Life Community Church, we don't overlook the 20 something's we embrace them and the culture they live in. The world is a different place and continues to evolve everyday. We need to be ready to reach those living in this world. We meet on Tuesday evenings to recharge and energize with Java and Jesus.

Community Group's

Our Community Groups are what others may refer to as Small Groups. We believe in Relationships and building relationships. There is no better way to build and strengthen relationships than in a small group environment. In these groups you will build relationships with other while building the greatest relationship you can have and that is with Jesus. We will dive into Bible study where we can grow. "2 Peter 3:18"


The youth need to be able to share the Great News of Jesus with anyone and not feel uncomfortable to do so. We at Family Life want to strive to make our youth feel that they are not just a number but a person. Most youth stop going to Church when they are done with High School, because they Went to Church. We want to embrace our Youth and their ideas and transition them into their next phase of Christian walk, and not walk away. If you know someone that needs to get engaged send them our way. We are here to help them on their journey with Biblical support and encouragement.



Here at Family Life the most important part of our service is the Biblical truth we preach. We are not going to please everyone with our music and we are not going to try. We feel that God has led us in our choice of Music and style. We play a blend of Contemporary Christian COUNTRY music. It is not southern Gospel or Bluegrass but a great modern country feel to some new Christian music as well as some very popular arrangements of some worship songs. We are unique in our style and feel any one from 8-800 will enjoy. Let us come together to worship together and not have worship wars over a type of music. There is always room if you play an instrument or like to sing. We want to make a Joyful Noise for the Lord.

Community service


Community is part of our name. It is not there to be a catchy name but we believe the local Church needs to be in the center of our Community. We believe that the mission field starts in our own back yard, and that is Gordon County. We are focused and committed to our community and will serve and be the Lighthouse of Gordon County. We will do this through numerous activities and projects throughout the year.