Project One Movement

What is Project 1 Movement. It is just that, "A Movement" 

What if Christians could have the Mind Set to be totally sold out and all in for Jesus.  We are starting a Movement and we are looking for 1% of the Christians in the World to join with us.


In 2011 according to Pew Forum study on Global Christianity, 285,480,000 or 13.1% of all Christians are Evangelicals. In the United States there are 91.76 million. So if We could get 1% of the U.S we will start with about 1 million. As we move into the world that 1% will be about 2.85 million. Imagine if we had 2.85 million totally sold out for Jesus.


We as Christians need to go out to reach the lost and change the world. ONE VISION, ONE CHURCH, ONE GOD with ONE VOICE 

Contact us to find out how you can join and support the movement"  


In order to lead we must first Follow. We all must have a Followerfirst mentality.



"A System of thought according to which one willingly follows the Lord Jesus Christ with all one's heart, mind, soul, and strength in every circumstance regardless of your organizational position while submitting to fellow followers so that all might fulfill their God-given responsibilities."

Dr. Rusty Ricketson

Followerfirst: Rethinking Leading in the Church